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Viewport for Energy & Utilities

The energy & utility sector is going through an immense transformation driven by de-carbonization, by increasing the number of renewable energy sources, and by moving from central to a decentralized energy model.

  • On the upstream side of the sector, a major power generation (Wind, Solar, e.g.) assets investments are made in order to meet the required future capacity.
  • On the downstream side, both DSO’s and TSO’s are investing in assets on the grid to continue securing the supply of electricity.

As the TCO of renewable production assets and grid assets are increasing it is becoming more important than ever to run asset operations & maintenance as efficiently (and safely at the same time) to its utmost.

Viewport.ai can help (renewable energy) utilities achieve operational efficiency and improve process safety by providing a single view of all asset information.

Challenges in the utilities industry

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Data management

Power stations generate huge amounts of asset documentation over the years. Employees often struggle to reliably identify the correct content, especially when there are duplications. That is when the accumulated data becomes unmanageable.

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Data integrity

Compromised data is of little use to enterprises, not to mention the dangers presented by sensitive data loss. Failure of data integrity translates into an unexpected hardware failure and human error. Thus, maintaining data integrity is crucial.

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Data accessibility

To view the most up-to-date engineering information from the main repository immediately after approval, users are often required to have access to the authoring application. Most of the time it is impossible to access the information directly.

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Data integration

Most utility plants operate using multiple document management systems. Information is generated and stored in various directories and formats. It is often nearly impossible to integrate the data or even cross-reference it.

Viewport Operations for the Utilities Industry

At PNM, the design and maintenance documentation for various assets existed in both paper and digital forms. Over the years, most of the paper documents have been scanned into digital files —but the quality varied from excellent to barely legible. This content was stored and managed in a variety of fit-for-purpose IT solutions. Employees were struggling to reliably identify the correct content, especially since there was a lot of duplication.

Want to learn how PNM unlocked asset information stored in large volumes of documents and reduced incident response times using Viewport in their day-to-day operations? Download the PNM New Mexico success story and find out.

Viewport Success Story: PNM New Mexico

PNM electric utility in New Mexico used Viewport to quickly unlock asset information stored in large volumes of documents reducing manual work time and incident response times.

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