Want to use AI but do not know where to start?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been around since the invention of digital computing. Over the last few years, the gains in computing power and scalable cloud solutions have taken AI and ML to great heights. What was once considered the domain of humans, can now often be automated.

Today’s AI and ML techniques can give you increased efficiency and an edge over the competition. Integrating this into your day to day business workflow is a challenge.

As a central hub that monitors and analyzes (technical) data, Viewport is a logical place to integrate AI and ML-based processing. Our Viewport solution already comes packed with text recognition, shape recognition, and pattern recognition out of the box. With limited configuration, additional modules can easily be added to tackle your difficult, domain-specific problems.

With the advent of the (Industrial) Internet of Things, gigabytes or terabytes of data are created every day. This data is what fuels AI-based solutions. For training any AI or ML algorithm, large amounts of normalized data are needed. Viewport takes in arbitrary content – documents, drawings, databases, spreadsheets, point clouds even – and normalizes this to a generic form. This makes Viewport an ideal starting point for training your machine learning solution. And once the algorithm or neural network is trained and ready, it can be embedded in the same Viewport engine to enhance your existing data as soon as it is added or updated. This provides a solid basis for further enrichment.

AI no performance bottlenecks icon

No performance bottlenecks

Seamlessly process large amounts of data,  integration with third-party device.

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In-depth processing control

Your IT team will love getting hands-on control of how data is processed. They can increase the scale of parts of the system, manage timing, and more.

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Increased efficiency

By utilizing machine learning, such as pattern, shape and character recognition, even scanned documents and drawings can be indexed.

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