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Our Story

Viewport was founded in 2010 after recognizing the need for a technical search engine in industrial environments. Versatec, the Founding Partner of Viewport in 2008 developed a system to help their clients keep an overview of the critical asset documentation. However, a critical functionality was missing in the system that would allow cross-reference documents and files even if they were stored in different applications and had different formats (such as drawing, text, PDF files, etc.). The challenges that the customers were facing regarding cross-references documents and files from different systems was the foundation of the solution that we know today as Viewport.

What started as an idea, became reality in 2010 with onboarding the first client – Total E&P Netherlands. Working with Total has allowed Viewport to grow from a simple application to a sophisticated AI-powered software solution that it is today. Hands-on approach and direct client feedback assured that the solution was practical and smart. The machine-learning algorithms received enormous inputs of real-life data which in its turn allowed to eliminate gaps and discrepancies for the future users.

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Accelerating efficiency, productivity and safety in the industrial environments worldwide by providing instant access to correct and up-to-date (asset) information.


We want to contribute to creating a digital economy in which processes and interactions are automated with adapting to new and innovative technologies.

Core Values

Viewport’s core values include customer-centric, innovation, quality, teamwork, diversity and inclusion. Our core values inspire us to work together towards a better work environment and success.

Core Values explained

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We think from the customer’s point of view. Our growth is based on our customer’s success. If our customers reach success, we will equally grow with them. It is always a win-win situation.

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We deliver continuous improvement for the organisation and products. Our organisation, products and process are always work in progress.

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We believe, individually we can achieve success but as a team, the success will be limitless.

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Finding a better solution for a technical search engine was the foundation of our product. Innovation is not only about our products but it is part of our organization as a whole how to think differently to overcome the challenges that our customers, Partners and team members are facing on a daily basis.

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Diversity and inclusion

We believe that everyone performs better when they are able to be their self and can imply the full richness of their capabilities. Collaborating with motivated individuals of different ethnicities and backgrounds brings a positive change and leads to increased innovation and enhanced problem-solving.

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