Connect Viewport and Yokogawa RAP

Easily access Viewport from within RAP with the Viewport Yokogawa RAP Connector. Allowing you to use the power of Viewport via the embedded Viewport viewer from within RAP.

By integrating Viewport you greatly enhance the accessibility of your asset data and documentation.

Regardless of where information is stored Viewport automatically detects links between documents, P&IDs and manuals. Significantly reducing the time engineers have to search for required data. Not only will overall efficiency go up, using Viewport to annotate documentation with the built-in markup capabilities will increase the quality of your documentation, ensuring safety compliance.

Viewport RAP Connector benefits


Easily annotate documentation with Viewport’s rich markup capabilities.

Automatic linking

Links between documents are automatically discovered. Ensuring all relevant data is within an arm’s reach.


Using Viewports advanced recognition technology, documents and drawings are automatically highlighted.

Source systems

Viewport will connect and display all relevant documentation regardless of the source.

Request a demo

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