Why your organisation needs Viewport

Viewport is an innovative AI-powered solution that provides a single view of all published technical asset information. This solution can be utilised by various industries and types of organisations. Depending on your needs, you could choose to opt for the Viewport Operations.

In case you are already committed to various information management systems and are worried about switching cost, we have great news for you. Viewport offers multiple other solutions and integrations that you can use alongside your existing information management systems.

Viewport products

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Create a single point of access to
all information and significantly improve
efficiency, safety, and compliance of
your plant or facility

Client testimonials

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“The way that Viewport automatically determines how our data is connected is very useful! In the past, we had to know the underlying connections and manually generate and maintain links.”

– Darrell Bailey (Sr. Systems Analyst at Westlake Chemical)

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“Users can get to the information quickly and easily. They don’t need to know the original source. Viewport also shows how the information is connected, all very important for making quick, informed and accurate decisions.”

– Dave Frazer (Design Services Supervisor at Tronox)

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“Viewport reveals a hidden asset of your organization to the end-users; a single point of entry for finding Technical Documentation from multiple sources, in various formats, automatically structured and hyperlinked.”

– David van den Berg (Senior Implementation Consultant at Versatec)

Viewport software usage

Software development kit

We also offer a software development kit (SDK) to enable our users to integrate Viewport in their own application. For developers working with technical data, the Viewport SDK contains all the necessary building blocks to integrate with any Asset Information System. It allows easy construction of efficient connectors to Viewport.