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Asset management and lifecycle is a complex process in the chemical manufacturing industry worldwide. Many organizations are struggling to manage their asset information which is often stored in multiple applications across their enterprise. This has resulted in delays when it comes to finding, accessing and changing engineering data in instances when situations arise that need urgent plant modifications.

Find out how can unlock your data and deliver value across the operations and asset lifecycle in your organization.

Using, content is saved and monitored during the different stages in the completion of the plant.

Initially, documents will be managed in the existing engineering process tools. After modification, this information can be automatically transferred to Viewport for use by the  Asset-managers and operators who maintain the facilities.

During the lifecycle of any plant, many modifications will be required for its infrastructure and equipment. All these changes are by default between the plant’s engineers and the outside contractors. helps to manage, monitor, secure and document the document exchange flow between these two groups, reducing errors, facilitating faster changes, and providing easy and fast access to all key documentation.

Challenges in the chemicals industry

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Data management

Having multiple document management systems and packages often makes it very hard to index the content. One of the reasons is incomplete metadata. These issues make information inaccessible for the user community.

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Data integrity

Having multiple sources of information affects integrity. Often documents and critical asset documentation is outdated or available in multiple versions. Thus, users have problems finding the right and latest information easily from different resources.

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Data accessibility

Whenever working with multiple systems and information storage solutions, staff experience access issues. For instance, one needs usage permission before they can access the need documents.

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Data integration

Even when your personnel knows where to look for the needed asset information and if they have access to it, being able to connect the files and cross-reference the assets often proves impossible.

Viewport Operations for the chemicals industry

Westlake Chemical’s Health & Safety and Design & Maintenance documentation for most assets had been managed in several systems. Content in the primary system was made accessible by manually establishing links between relatable items. The process was labour-intensive, with heavy reliance on the operator having intimate knowledge of the data and relationships.

The primary system had been unsupported for some time, and Westlake was desperate for a suitable replacement. Westlake chose Viewport to fully replace its legacy solution.

Download our success story and read how Westlake replaced an ageing and unsupported data solution with Viewport, delivering fast and efficient access for everyone to all of the critical information needed for the safe operation of the Lake Charles asset.

Viewport Success story: Westlake Chemical

Westlake replaced an ageing and unsupported data solution with the Viewport solution, providing ready access to all types of critical information for everyone in the organisation.

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