Viewport Software development kit (SDK)

For developers working with technical data, the Viewport SDK contains all the necessary building blocks to integrate with any Asset Information System. It consists of a collection 64-bit .NET 4.6 libraries and accompanying documentation. It allows the easy construction of efficient connectors to Viewport.

Connecting new source systems

Utilizing classes from the Viewport SDK it becomes easy for developers to create connectors for in-house solutions or third-party source systems that are not yet supported in Viewport out of the box.

Plugins for the Viewer

In addition to the .NET libraries, the SDK also allows you to add plugins to the Viewport HTML5 interface written in JavaScript. Typical use-cases are:

  • Deep links (back) to a source system, allowing users quick access to existing workflows or pages they are familiar with to manage the underlying data.
  • Retrieve (real-time) information on demand from a source system and show that information right inside documents next to references.
  • Kick-off workflows from inside documents.

Integrate Viewport in your own application

It is also possible to integrate Viewport within your own application. Allowing your application to utilize the great power of Viewport. Two different integrations are possible:

Access to meta-data

Using Viewport makes it easier to retrieve meta-data from multiple source systems or automatically extracted by Viewport utilizing its advanced AI capabilities. A document management system could for instance use Viewport to retrieve a recognized list of all tag numbers or line numbers referenced in a document, extract text from scanned documents, extract recognized symbols, and offer a list of (deep) links to a maintenance system, and so on.

Integrating the Viewport Viewer inside your application

The HTML5 Viewport viewer is available for embedding documents right inside your web application. It gives your users instant (mobile) viewing capabilities. It does not require any custom software such as viewers or browser plugins, a simple web browser is sufficient.

More information about the development kit?

Do you have any questions about our software development kit or Viewport technical requirements? Feel free to reach out and ask all your questions here.