Connect Viewport and OpenText xECM

For the ageing assets, a lot of information is locked in old document stores, formats, and scanned images. Viewport can recognize keywords, such as tag numbers, drawing numbers and line numbers, in hundreds of thousands of documents to automatically determine cross-references. With sophisticated AI algorithms, Viewport creates automatic hotspots as a layer on top of your existing documents and drawings, regardless of the format or scan quality. The superior cross-reference recognition makes visual data validation fast and simple.

Continuous data quality improvement

Viewport continuously monitors the content of your documents and drawings, cross-referencing it against various data sources including maintenance systems. Viewport can pinpoint the exact location where document numbers and tag numbers are mentioned inside a document or drawing. The cross-references are easy to inspect and validate due to Viewport’s unique document viewer that can highlight tags and drawing references with a single click. By integrating OpenText content server with Viewport, the QA process is sped up by the automatic creation of cross-references. Powered by Viewport, your QA and QC staff can immediately identify all content affected by a change.

Share important technical data while safeguarding it

Viewport converts any source file to PDF files, making it easy to distribute. The built-in viewer allows personnel and contractors to view any type of document from any of the connected systems, in a web browser on a laptop or mobile device. Authorize your maintenance crew to these smart and hyperlinked documents stored in the Content Server while preventing them from downloading source documents.

How does Viewport Operations enhance OpenText content server and xECM?

Opentext offers multiple solutions for asset information management with the content server at its core. With seamless integration between OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering and OpenText for Plant Maintenance, Viewport Operations delivers an additional edge for existing users.

Existing users will use OpenText xECM for Engineering Vault as they are used to. Viewport Operations adds extra capabilities, for instance showing which items are related based on the contents of each document, not on the metadata.

Viewport added features


Fully web-based, no browser plugins required


Support for 140+ file formats, including AutoCAD, MicroStation and multiple tag/document/drawing numbering schemes, even within a single asset


Connects to data historians using the Historian plugin. Watch historic trends and current values from OSIsoft PI, Wonderware Historian, etc. right inside OpenText xECM

Clickable hotspots

Viewer with fully automated clickable hotspots to equipment information, drawings and documents


Recognition of tag numbers, line numbers, drawing numbers and document numbers based on flexible patterns

Intelligent algorithms

Intelligent algorithms extract information from scanned documents and drawings


Stable and battle-tested in various industries

360° asset dashboard

Viewport turns the content server into a 360° asset dashboard that shows content from multiple sources, including (temporary) file shares, SharePoint, maintenance systems such as Ultimo or Maximo, etc.

Automatic metadata extraction

Automatic extraction of metadata from AutoCAD DWGs, Office documents and (scanned) PDFs.

Customizable viewer

A fully customizable viewer that allows e.g. colour coding, glossary terms, etc.


Automatic generation of clickable cross-references and hotspots, as if manually applied.

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BASF Heerenveen created a more connected, real-time system for data analysis with Viewport and Viewport for Ultimo. Hidden data connections stored in silos were exposed in Viewport.

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Viewport Success story: Westlake Chemical

Westlake replaced an ageing and unsupported data solution with the Viewport solution, providing ready access to all types of critical information for everyone in the organisation.

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Tronox management set a goal to streamline and simplify access to critical asset information at the Tronox Pigments Australind site. Viewport helped them achieve it.

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Benefits of using Viewport OpenText xECM connector


Always shows the latest information

Quality control

Identifies and highlights incorrect or missing information


Simplify navigating between documents and data using automatic intelligent hotspots


Identifies tag-document links regardless of the file format or spelling, even from legacy scanned documents and drawings

Continuous improvement

Empower your organisation to continuously improve the quality of operation-critical information in a cost-efficient manner

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