Connect Maximo to documents from your DMS or network share

The Viewport Maximo Connector makes it easy to view and manage all your asset information in one secure and accessible environment.

It allows for comprehensive integration of your asset data and documentation, bringing your maintenance, operations, and compliance information together in a single interface regardless of where the information is stored. This powerful integration enhances knowledge worker productivity and improves plant safety.

The Viewport Maximo Connector works in two directions. In Viewport’s AI-powered portal, teams can call up Maximo asset data and work orders from documents and drawings via smart P&IDs, procedures and manuals. When working in Maximo, users can see which documentation mentions particular assets and

view the documents and drawings in the embedded Viewport viewer. Relevant information can be saved in a Viewport work folder and shared across your organization or with external partners, without compromising data security.

Viewport’s AI algorithms analyze and index the data using visual and textual recognition algorithms, and is suited to working with unstructured data and scanned drawings. The solution automatically determines which documentation is relevant for any asset stored on a shared drive or in SharePoint, for example, including P&IDs, 3D models and point clouds.

The Viewport Maximo Connector brings all your assets together in one easy-to-view and manage solution. This gives engineers and maintenance operatives instant access to vital information when they need it, increasing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Viewport Maximo Connector benefits


All asset data is automatically analyzed, indexed and linked, making it easier to manage your assets and operations.


Instant access to the latest documents and asset records anywhere, so engineers and operators can solve issues quickly.


All P&IDs and other documents from DMSs and network shares are linked and viewable, improving operational efficiency and limiting downtime.


Viewport Integration for IBM Maximo

Unlock asset reliability, efficiency, and compliance by using the Viewport connector for IBM Maximo Asset Management Software.


  • View P&IDs and (maintenance) procedures easily from within Maximo.
  • Maintenance data can be viewed from inside documents, certificates, diagrams and smart P&IDs.
  • Fully web-enabled and mobile-friendly, and can run on-premises.
  • Data automatically analyzed and indexed using AI algorithms.
  • Asset information can be shared internally and externally using work folders.
  • Other Viewport connectors are available to link real-time data, HSE data, 3D models, GIS systems, point clouds, photographs and more.

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