Viewport for Turnarounds

Viewport for Turnarounds introduces artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into the IT system landscape to continuously provide the turnaround team with current, reliable, and complete information. By leveraging AI technology, your team can be more productive. Instead of spending time searching, checking and validating data, your team can devote more time to using the data to prepare, execute and complete the turnaround efficiently.

One of the important benefits of Viewport for Turnarounds is that

users require very little training to use it, (15 mins). The portal has intuitive folder structure navigation, Google-like search functions, and a single viewer to display any format of document or data.

Viewport for Turnarounds identifies how your data is connected. This is key in turnarounds where there is often a diverse team, consisting of internal staff and, external contractors. Viewport for Turnarounds enables you and your contractors to be proactive and take action to deliver what has been agreed upon.

Key turnaround challenges

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Meeting regulatory requirements with respect to periodical inspections.

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Meeting the increasing challenge of maintaining older assets.

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Meeting changing market demands for new, or higher volumes of products.

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Enhancing profits through improved asset utilization.

Turnarounds made smart

Companies seeking competitive advantage consider turnarounds as one of their core competencies. Is your company well-organized and equipped with the right systems and processes to plan and execute turnarounds safely, on time, and within budget and acceptable environmental conditions?

Find out how the industry 4.0 solution Viewport for Turnarounds will help you work hard and smart at the same time. Put the turnaround process in perspective and address such questions as:

  • What is the business value for your organization if a task was automated, and your validation efforts were reduced by 60-80%, freeing up this human capacity for something else?
  • What value does it bring to your organization when job packages are created automatically?

Whitepaper Turnaround Management

Companies seeking competitive advantage consider turnarounds as one of their core competencies. Make your turnaround smarter from day one with Viewport.

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