Viewport for the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry has embraced corporate citizenship to create value for society and benefit the environment. Corporate citizenship can be achieved through social innovation and sustainable development. Corporate citizenship is the right thing to do and essential to maintaining the license to operate, innovate, and grow. Pharmaceutical organizations are continually looking for innovative ways to bring the right products to market at the right time.

To bridge the gap between scientific innovations and customer benefits, external collaborations with contractors, manufacturers, universities, and research institutes are established. With, there is no GAP in finding the right data and documents. For pharmaceutical organizations, it is critical to maximize market success and lower product liabilities by reducing the risk through validation and maintaining compliance with government regulations. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s) are defined as regulations that describe the methods, equipment, facilities, and controls required for producing.

Challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

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Data management

Outdated or unreliable data leads to mistakes. Manage your data and power your processes successfully.

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Data integrity

Viewport will help you assure accuracy and consistency of your data over its entire life-cycle.

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Data accessibility

Easily accessible data enables you to focus on the product and make better decisions and take the right action.

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Data integration

Link and cross-reference data from various sources in Viewport into meaningful and valuable information.

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