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The shipping industry facilitates domestic and global manufacturing and trade via transportation of commodities and finished products, while also providing for the delivery of goods directly to consumers. A wide variety of commercial transport methods can be found in the shipping industry, from bulk transport of commodities in railcars to highly specialized “intermodal” container shipping. Four major modes of transport exist in this industry: marine, air, rail, and freight (trucking).

Viewport offers a range of solution that is specifically relevant to the companies responsible for the maintenance and operations of the transportation vessels, such as ships, for example.


Non-compliance and negligence can lead to very costly mistakes. can help vessel operators and engineers keep a clear overview of all the operational asset data (in whichever format it may be stored and even if it resides in different information management systems). By seamlessly consolidating data from various systems, cross-referencing it with the help of AI and machine learning, Viewport can help reduce the risk and cost for the operating managers. will create a single data overview that will signal any issues and will refer you to the latest, most up to date files, drawings and schematics eliminating the long search and retrieval time.

Challenges in the Shipping industry

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High maintenance costs

Costs of vessel maintenance (aircraft, marine vessels, truck fleets, rail) can be enormous

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Economic factors

Technological innovation and fuel prices prominently influence shipping

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Environmental factors

Renewable and “green” energy innovations goals underline the importance of sustainable transport

Operational discipline in human performance

The human factor in operational risk can cascade from design engineers who made a substandard decision or lapse in the design, which results in a wrong value or command in the operations phase. The key is to enable the workforce to proactively track inconsistencies, act upon it, and work together in continuous improvement for better-run businesses.

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