Closing organizational gaps that harm businesses

Know and demonstrate control

Where in recent years the proof of control was defined by lack of bad outcomes, the world is moving towards an era of knowing and demonstrating control of critical operations.
Viewport assists in informing people in their work routines on all relevant elements to minimize substandard decisions.

Closing organizational gaps that harm businesses

About 80% of incidents and bad outcomes are the result of poor decisions due to insufficient communication, missing information and false assumptions. Organizations face gaps between disciplines, with essential information flowing between those disciplines.

While operating and maintaining the asset, asset owner/operators and contractors are experiencing deficiencies between “as designed” and “as built” information.

This can result in serious environmental or safety-related incidents and can cause serious downtime, impacting the bottom line of operating facilities or the license to operate.

To manage an asset’s operational risk, managers rely on formal studies and tools. To make sure that those controls mirror the real world, they need to be operationalized. To be fully in control, it is essential to understand:

1. where weak spots in the controlling elements are;
2. where decision information is missing or lacking; and
3. where guidance or corrective action is needed.

Oversight and insight is needed, the easier the better.
Once decision information is known it is a matter of bridging the gap between risk studies and operational acts. Viewport is the key solution to bring insight in the right data and proactively spot gaps in data and information.

Operational Discipline in Human Performance

The human factor in operational risk can cascade from design engineers who made a substandard decision or lapse in the design, which results in a wrong value or command in the operations phase. Key is to enable the workforce to proactively track inconsistencies, act upon it and work together in continuous improvement for better run businesses.

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