Ease of Implementation

Up to date information and access to manuals is vital to any operation and is the first stop for any maintenance project or incident. However when data is stored in multiple formats at different locations and systems, finding the right information can be difficult.

Personnel often struggle with different systems, logins, interfaces and tags that have been created using different conventions across drawings, reports and so on. And when accessing multiple systems, even minor differences can lead to missed information.

One asset information view from multiple systems

Viewport Operations provides a single point of access to all information, significantly improving efficiency, safety and compliance of a plant or facility.

Viewport can be implemented in weeks with minimal user training.

Viewport Operations is a lightweight, cost effective software solution that connects, and adds value to existing systems without the need for replacement.

In a matter of weeks, it makes information which is operations-critical available, whatever the source system or format.

By combining fully automatic processing with being 100% web based, Viewport Operations is very easy to implement and deploy. All that you need is a browser (on your PC, laptop, tablet) to get fast access to data, documents and real time information. With a proven track record of cutting costs, reducing risk and facilitating compliance, Viewport Operations is the logical choice for any organization seeking visibility and control over complex operations.



Fully web-based


Stable and tested in various industries


Connects to historians using the Raster Industrial Automation Historian plugin. Watch historic trends and current values straight from OSIsoft PI, Wonderware Historian, etc.

Tag number recognition

Recognition of tag numbers, line numbers, drawing numbers and document numbers based on flexible patterns

Fully automated

Viewer with fully automated, clickable links to equipment information, drawings and documents

File formats

Support for 140+ file formats, including AutoCAD and MicroStation

Display differences

Displays differences between versions of revised documents

Gap identification

Consistency reports identify gaps in source systems


Connects to multiple data sources like SharePoint, SAP, Maximo, Documentum, file systems, and many others

Extract information

Intelligent algorithms extract information from scanned documents and drawings

Single system use

Supports multiple tag / document / drawing numbering schemes, even within a single system

Automatic Creation and Update of Tag-Doc Links

Viewport Operations minimizes lost productivity in any site, without adding to the team’s workload. Viewport automatically brings together data and documents from multiple sources and detects missing links and data.

With Viewport Operations, P&IDs, documents, scans and more, are connected and can be viewed on multiple devices via a user-friendly browser based viewer, requiring little or no training for operations staff.


• All information in one view (office documents, CAD drawings, scans, pictures, equipment data, alarm and trip settings, etc.). No need to have knowledge of, or access to the individual source systems
• No more navigating between documents and data or searching within large documents for the right information
• Always shows the latest information

• Identifies tag-doc relationships regardless of source system, spelling and format, even from older systems, scanned documents and drawings
• Continually improves the overall quality of operation-critical information in a cost efficient manner
• Identifies incorrect or missing information
• No training needed

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