Tronox Group employs 6,660 employees across six continents and is a leader in the manufacture of titanium dioxide products. Tronox has an uncompromising focus on operating safely, reliably, and responsibly. This focus combined with rich diversity, unmatched vertical integration model, and unparalleled operational and technical expertise across the value chain, positions Tronox as the preeminent titanium dioxide producer in the world.

Tronox experienced an incident with the existing content management solution, which left a large volume of content with incomplete metadata on the site file systems. Thus, the first challenge was to index the content and make it searchable in a format that would be easily accessible for the user community. A second phase of the project was about publishing new content from the document management system to Viewport.

In this project, Tronox used Viewport Connectors for Meridian.

About the Tronox use of Viewport

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Viewport Success story: Engie Doel

Within this project, Doel NPP wanted to create a visualization of the work authorization process in real-time on the existing P&ID’s. With safety was further enhanced ...

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Viewport Success story: BASF Heerenveen

BASF Heerenveen created a more connected, real-time system for data analysis with Viewport and Viewport for Ultimo. Hidden data connections stored in silos were exposed in Viewport.

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Viewport Success story: Westlake Chemical

Westlake replaced an ageing and unsupported data solution with the Viewport solution, providing ready access to all types of critical information for everyone in the organisation.

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