What does Viewport for Ultimo offer?

What if you could view all documentation related to a piece of equipment or a functional location, without having to search for it in various locations, and without leaving your maintenance system? This is now a reality with Viewport for Ultimo.

This integration will help maintenance staff locate relevant as-built documentation quickly and easily. Tag numbers that appear on P&IDs, loop diagrams, datasheets, certificates, etc. are linked to the right functional location or equipment in Ultimo.

A simple click will open the file inside the Ultimo environment and highlight the tag automatically, saving possibly hours of searching in various network shares or document management systems.

Viewport will index and link up data without changing anything for the end-users, providing a fully HTML5 web view for technical documentation. All major CAD formats, Office formats, image types, etc. are supported.

Benefits of using Viewport for Ultimo

  • All information in one view
  • Intelligent searching
  • Data integrity
  • Identifies TAG-DOC relationships
  • Improves productivity
  • Makes cooperation easy

All information in a single view

All information in one view (office documents, CAD drawings, scans, pictures, equipment data, alarm and trip settings, etc.).

Viewport Ultimo single overview blue icon

Intelligent and focused searching

Viewport always shows the latest information, identifies incorrect or missing information and automatically highlights tags, eliminating the need for a manual search of related content. You can quickly and easily locate documentation within different systems.

Viewport Ultimo intelligent search blue icon

Data integrity

Always shows the latest information and Identifies incorrect or missing information.

Viewport Ultimo data integrity blue icon

Identifies TAG-DOC relationships

Identifies tag-doc relationships regardless of the source system, spelling and format, even from older systems, scanned documents and drawings, including with different naming conventions.

Viewport Ultimo tag-doc relationships blue icon

Improves productivity

Continually improves the overall quality of operation-critical information in a cost-efficient manner. Viewport automatically brings together data and documents from multiple sources and detects missing links and data. Increase your productivity through time-saving.

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Makes cooperation easy

Improves cooperation between maintenance, engineering, operations and SEQ departments.

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oil pumps worker

Viewport Ultimo success story

Viewport for Ultimo can be applied in different industries where the information comes from different systems and resides in different data sources. With this solution you can move between information stored in the DMS and linked records in the maintenance system (Ultimo); all within the Ultimo interface. There is no need for a user to log into any of the source systems.

On the example of our client BASF, we would like to share how companies (already) using Ultimo perform their work better, faster, and less expensively on the fast track to achieving operational excellence with Viewport’s added value and contribution.

In large organizations searching and finding asset information and related content can be very time-consuming. Stakeholders and operational specialists spent too much time manually connecting to systems to locate relevant data.

Download our success story and find out how we helped BASF, a leader in the fast-paced and demanding printing and coating industries, to create a more connected, real-time system for data analysis. BASF business users have seen proven benefits with the implementation of Viewport for Ultimo.



This solution is fully web-based. Just start your browser and it will run inside it.

Using Ultimo

With Viewport for Ultimo, all your Documents open in Ultimo environment. You can still experience all the benefits of Viewport but in the familiar Ultimo environment.

Fully automated

Viewport for Ultimo is a viewer with fully automated, clickable links to equipment information, drawings and documents

Tag number recognition

Recognition of tag numbers, line numbers, drawing numbers and document numbers based on flexible patterns

File formats

Support for 140+ file formats, including AutoCAD, Office Formats, MicroStation, etc.

Machine learning

Uses smart analysis and machine learning

Display differences

Displays differences between versions of revised documents

Gap identification

Consistency reports identify gaps in source systems

Content analysis and OCR

Viewport uses content analysis and advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) combined with intelligent shape recognition

Information extraction

Intelligent algorithms extract information from scanned documents and drawings

Navigate complex information

Helps find, understand and navigate complex information structures

Easy and fast Implementation

With no intensive training required, you can start using Viewport for Ultimo right away and see the added benefits for yourself

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