Ultimo and Viewport join forces to help you make data your most important asset

Gain control over your asset data and make the right decisions

September 17, 2020 (viewport.ai) – Viewport and Ultimo have joined forces to help organizations in the process industry optimize asset performance and make the task less time-consuming. Through the partnership, the companies will help organizations get more out of their assets via a dynamic 360 view of the asset data, analyzed, structured, and connected. Thanks to the link between Ultimo and Viewport, time is no longer wasted searching for the information, everything you need is presented in a single, consolidated interface. This connection will help you get the most from your asset data.

The partnership further helps both companies support maintenance staff in locating relevant as-built documentation quickly and easily. The built-in, AI-powered capabilities of Viewport.ai will automatically link tag numbers to the right functional location or equipment in Ultimo. A simple click will open the file inside the Ultimo environment and highlight the tag, saving hours of searching in network shares, document management systems, or other information repositories.

Viewport.ai and Ultimo partnership

Being compliant has never been easier

“Where do you start when you have hundreds of thousands of documents stored across different systems? How do you know which drawings and P&IDs belong to the assets you maintain?” – says Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo. “In the context of compliance, it is essential that you store your documents in a structured manner with the correct assets. That is precisely the reason why Viewport and Ultimo Software Solutions have joined forces.”

By making use of the latest AI technologies, Viewport helps to structure all documents and link them to the Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management software. This gives users direct insight and control over all crucial documents and helps make the right choices for the organization. “We are delighted with this partnership. It is an amazing opportunity for us to help organizations using Ultimo improve cooperation between maintenance, engineering, operations and SEQ departments” adds Peter Brink, Sales & Marketing Vice President.

About Ultimo

Ultimo Software Solutions is the supplier of the number-one flexible Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Cloud platform ‘Ultimo’. The software helps more than 2000 customers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Infra and Utilities realize many advantages such as increasing uptime, managing costs, increasing life span, meeting laws and regulations and ensuring a safe working environment. And it does that with an unparalleled TCO because of short implementation processes, seamless integrations, and Self-Service application management. The organization has been active since 1988 and has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

About Viewport

Viewport powered by Radial Software Group BV is a software solution that has helped organizations for the past decade within the process industry to gain critical insights into asset information. With a global partner community and fortune 500 companies as customers, Viewport is continuously helping reduce risk and facilitate decision-making by providing its clients instant access to correct, up-to-date information.

Find more about Viewport: www.viewport.ai