Connecting Viewport and Ultimo

Ultimo is a market leader in multiple sectors with a broad solution portfolio for Maintenance Management, Facility Management, Fleet Management, Infra Asset Management and IT Service Management. More than 1,500 customers from all over the globe profit daily from the use of Ultimo’s software solutions.

As Ultimo user, you might be interested in adding extra capabilities to your solution. For instance, integrating it with other document systems in place. Imagine, what if you could view all documentation related to a piece of equipment or a functional location, without having to search for it in various locations, and without leaving your maintenance system? This is now a reality with the Viewport Ultimo connector.

The Viewport Ultimo connector will help maintenance staff locate relevant as-built documentation quickly and easily. Tag numbers that appear on P&IDs, loop diagrams, datasheets, certificates, etc. are linked to the right functional location or equipment in Ultimo. A simple click will open the file inside the Ultimo environment and highlight the tag automatically, saving possibly hours of searching in various network shares or document management systems.

Viewport will index and link up data without changing anything for the end-users, providing a fully HTML5 web view for technical documentation. All major CAD formats, Office formats, image types, etc. are supported.


Single view

All information in one view (office documents, CAD drawings, scans, pictures, equipment data, alarm and trip settings, etc.).

Source systems

No need to have knowledge of or access to the individual source systems


Automatic highlighting of tags

Increase productivity

Increase productivity through time saving


See how information is connected at a glance


Improves cooperation between maintenance, engineering, operations and SEQ departments

Tag-doc relationships

Identifies tag-doc relationships regardless of source system, spelling and format, even from older systems, scanned documents and drawings, including with different naming conventions.

Continual improvement

Continually improves the overall quality of operation-critical information in a cost-efficient manner


Always shows the latest information in one place


Identifies incorrect or missing information


No training needed

Location finder

Quick and easy location of documentation within different systems

Related content

Eliminates the need for manual searching for related content

Current work processes

No need to change current work processes

Viewport engineering

Successful implementation of the Viewport Ultimo connector

BASF Heerenveen has already successfully connected their Viewport and Ultimo. Implementing this connector is possible for organisations in different industries where the information comes from multiple systems and resides in different data sources. With this solution you can move between information stored in the DMS and linked records in the maintenance system (Ultimo); all within the Viewport interface. There is no need for a user to log into any of the source systems.

Download our success story and find out how we helped BASF, a leader in the fast-paced and demanding printing and coating industries, to create a more connected, real-time system for data analysis. BASF business users have seen proven benefits with the implementation of Viewport and Ultimo connector.

Client testimonials

Viewport customer quote icon white

“The way that Viewport automatically determines how our data is connected is very useful! In the past, we had to know the underlying connections and manually generate and maintain links.”

– Darrell Bailey (Sr. Systems Analyst at Westlake Chemical)

Viewport customer quote icon white

“Users can get to the information quickly and easily. They don’t need to know the original source. Viewport also shows how the information is connected, all very important for making quick, informed and accurate decisions.”

– Dave Frazer (Design Services Supervisor at Tronox)

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“Viewport reveals a hidden asset of your organization to the end-users; a single point of entry for finding Technical Documentation from multiple sources, in various formats, automatically structured and hyperlinked.”

– David van den Berg (Senior Implementation Consultant at Versatec)


  • Fully web-based
  • Viewer with fully automated, clickable links to equipment information, drawings and documents
  • Support for 140+ file formats, including AutoCAD, Office Formats, MicroStation, etc.
  • Identifies tags and other keywords and generates clickable links
  • Uses smart analysis and machine learning
  • Helps find, understand and navigate complex information structures
  • Intelligent algorithms extract information from scanned documents and drawings
  • Recognition of tag numbers, line numbers, drawing numbers and document numbers based on flexible patterns
  • Viewport uses content analysis and advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) combined with intelligent shape recognition
  • Consistency reports identify gaps in source systems
  • Displays differences between versions of revised documents

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