How does the Meridian connector work

The Meridian connector integrates Meridian information, such as drawings and documents, into Viewport. End-users can access the content on any (mobile) device and see how the information from Meridian relates to information, such as equipment data or real-time process data, from other data sources that are connected to Viewport.

This particular connector connects to the Meridian web service. It uses a Meridian View and DocFilter to determine which documents to synchronize, for instance only as-built files. The Viewport service account requires access to the Meridian Explorer web service using Windows authentication.

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Successful implementation of the Viewport Meridian Connector

Asset management and lifecycle is a complex process in the various industry worldwide. Many industries are struggling to manage their asset information which is stored in multiple applications across the enterprise. This has resulted in rapid response times when it comes to finding, accessing and changing drawings in instances when plant modifications are urgently needed.

Cristal (Tronox) experienced an incident with the existing content management solution at the Bunbury site in Western Australia. The incident left a large volume of content with incomplete metadata on the site file systems. There was a challenge for Tronox to index the content and make it searchable in a format that would be easily accessible for the user community.

Tronox decided to use Viewport, which they subsequently connected to their Meridian solution. It was immediately apparent to the management that Viewport could be used to gather and consolidate information, companywide. Viewport would ensure that everyone had easy access to information whenever it was needed. To ensure the best use of valuable resources, the Viewport installation was carried out remotely.

Find out more about the implementation and successful exploitation of Viewport and Meridian connector by Tronox.

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