Hello there! As we gear up for our upcoming Viewport 5.3R2 release, we wanted to share some insights into our choice to use .NET 8 and what “R2” means for you!

.NET 8

This release has been in the works for quite some time. One of the primary goals was to transition from .NET 4.8 to the modernized .NET Core. It was a lot of work, but we believe it’s totally worth it!

Approaching our launch date, we delved deep into the strategic decision of which .NET version to base our release on, always keeping your long-term interests at the forefront. Our options were:

  • .NET 6: A solid choice that has been available since 2021, with Long Term Support ending in November 2024.
  • .NET 7: A newer version which has been avaible since 2022, with a shorter support cycle concluding in May 2024.
  • .NET 8: Although not yet officially released, it offers Long Term Support stretching until November 2026.

After much consideration, we gravitated towards .NET 8. Our motivation was twofold: first, it brings cutting-edge features and capabilities to our software. But equally important, it provides a more extended support window until November 2026. Choosing either .NET 6 or .NET 7 would mean losing official support within a year. The decision for .NET 8 ensures that you, as our valued customer, not only get the latest in software innovation but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with longer-term support.

We believe in future-proofing our offerings, and this choice is a testament to that commitment.

While .NET 8 is not officially released to the general public, we’ve been working with the preview version. It’s akin to test-driving a car before its grand launch. Once .NET 8 rolls out in its full glory, our software will be ready for it, ensuring you receive the best version possible!

Some benefits of .NET 8 are:

  • Enhanced Performance: We’re tapping into .NET 8’s efficiency to ensure our software runs smoothly and responds quickly.
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Our aim is to be where you are. With .NET 8, software performs consistently whether you’re on Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  • Container-Ready: Adapting to modern deployment strategies, our software is container-friendly, ensuring adaptability in various environments, especially microservices.
  • Optimal Design: We’ve trimmed the excess and honed in on essentials, thanks to .NET 8’s modular architecture and by using the latest C# language features.
  • Using the Best of Tech: We’re integrating the latest features and improvements to ensure our software stands out.

With .NET 8 at the helm, we’re not just enhancing our current offerings; it provides a foundation for a cloud-native future, ensuring scalable, resilient, and efficient solutions.

Understanding the “R2” Release and Changes Ahead

This upcoming software release is an “R2” version. What does this mean for you?

First of all, your existing Viewport 5.3 licenses will remain valid for this new 5.3R2 version. This ensures a seamless transition without any commercial impacts.

However, while the licensing remains consistent, there will be a shift in system requirements. As technology evolves, so do the environments in which our software operates optimally. The new system requirements ensure that you experience the full range of capabilities and performance enhancements we’re bringing to the table with this release. We recommend keeping an eye out for the finalized system specifications to ensure your infrastructure is ready for the upgrade.

Wrapping Up & Looking Ahead

In light of our strategic choices with .NET versions and our upcoming release preparations, we’re full of anticipation for what lies ahead. But this is just the beginning! Stay tuned to our blog, as we’ll be diving deeper into the exciting new features and enhancements in the coming weeks.

Mark van ‘t Zet