The R2 team with R2

Viewport 5.3R2 is here. And we can add to that: finally!

For well over a year, our developers have been working on this release to bring Viewport up-to-date with the latest .NET 8 technology. (Astute readers may point out that .NET 8 wasn’t even around until a month ago. While we were at it, we upgraded it to the latest available version.) It has been quietly running in beta at a few clients already — and stable, we must say!

A big shout-out to our developers for this new release. In particular to Arnold Nelisse who kicked off 5.3R2 with his first commit on 8 June 2022, and has been working on it (mostly tirelessly, sometimes happily) between all the other activities. Also thanks to Agustin for helping out and Douwe for testing everything thoroughly!

As I wrote in a previous blog post, .NET 8 brings improved performance (we noticed speed-ups of up to 40% in our test suite!) and security. It also enables us to make use of the latest technology to create the best possible product for our clients and partners.

Besides .NET 8, version 5.3R2 also has a number of new features, like

  • Markup (drawing) enhancements, like a symbol library, the possibility to restrict angles, draw perfect circles and squares
  • Faster default OCR engine and the option to use Advanced OCR for state-of-the-art text recognition.
  • A log viewer to view up to 14 days of log entries
  • A companion web API that will make loading of images faster
  • Improvements to accuracy and performance of search and autocomplete
  • A bundled User Guide in PDF format

This is just the beginning, there is definitely more to come. Reach out to us if you want to give it a spin!